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Uila is the offspring of my parents´ love story that started in 1978 in Africa,
where they met.
Rita Subtil


this is our story

Huila, in Angola, where my mother Marina was born, brought up and got married, inspired the name of our family brand Uila, an independent fashion label born out of love.

With my father António´s continuous support, my mother and I decided to make our lifelong dream a reality and to showcase the pride we feel in our African roots, its traditions and history. The result is Uila, a womenswear brand offering a contemporary take on Africa´s millenary traditions.

Uila is the best of us and we hope it will inspire women all over the world to follow their dreams.

Rita Subtil

our philosophy

Our values are clear and ensure that our mission to make our customers feel amazing, while being respectful to others and our planet is carried through.
Like you, we believe in change for the better.

Less + Better

Each garment we produce has a meaning and strong reason for being. We believe less is better so we design and manufacture limited edition collections.
We trust that by ensuring the high quality of our clothes, our customers will be able to use and re-use their most loved items and always be inspired by them.

Our values
With each garment we intend to change the world for the better. We know the fashion industry has a major environmental and social impact in the world and we don´t want to be part of its negative effects.
We are focused on using more sustainable materials and on taking stand against waste.
We respect all workers who contribute to our garments and our relationship is based on mutual respect.
Uila is proudly made in Portugal, which is proof of our commitment to high standards and the well being of all involved in our mission.
We promise to always do the best we know and overcome ourselves everyday.

Animal welfare
We are especially concerned with animal welfare. Uila is a vegetarian brand that doesn´t use materials of animal origin, like leather or fur.
By the way, did you know that our logo is inspired on the speckles of the guinea fowl? It represents not only our pride on our roots but also our respect for all animals.

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